Student, Entrepreneur, Traveler

...the three words I use to describe myself.....let's dive a bit deeper.

Andrew Bouldin

Student : Although, I have now finished my formal education, I still consider myself a student. Instead of class, I am now studying business first hand through involvement in multiple ventures and avidly reading to learn more.

Entrepreneur : I started at a young age with a lawncare company, then worked for startups throughout college, founded MyCollegeRoadTrip, and now invest in startups as a Principal at FCA Venture Partners as well as doing web design at Suineg Consulting.

Traveler : St. Augustine put it best when he said, "The World is a book and those who don't Travel read only a page." My wife and I are doing our best to live this out, traveling to 35+ countries as well as exploring the South Eastern U.S.

Amazon – The Hidden Empire

Amazon The Hidden Empire. Check out this amazingly detailed presentation by french consulting firm: Faber Nobel See their stock price HERE the Hidden Empire   View more presentations from faberNovel

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Anatomy of a Seed Round

Here is a fascinating and unusually in-depth look at the process of raising a seed stage round. Anatomy of Seed View more presentations from brendanbaker

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Owen Professor – Opens NASDAQ

Owen professors, Bob Whaley and Jacob Sagi open the NASDAQ this morning to talk about their newest creation! CNBC Video Link Here

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Great Company Idea: Top Prospect

Have you ever hooked your friend up by referring them to a job that they ended up landing. If yes, you know that is a great feeling, but it would be an even greater feeling if you got $10,000 for your introduction. That’s where Top Prospect steps in! The company links to your LinkedIn and […]

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Google: Custom Search Engine

Loading Did you know that you can create your own search engine?…we’ll you can now with Google’s custom search engine! I.e. the search engine above searches only Mark Suster’s blog Both Sides of The Table. Try it out with a term like “stock”, “sales”, or “venture” to see the results!.

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Cool Startup: Qwiki

Fresh off a $8M round led by Eduardo Saverin and YouTube founder Jawed Karim, Qwiki is launching to the public. They are killing it right now and it just shows the speed of development in the Valley from Idea to Launched with a huge buzz in ~6 months. Give the service a try today: Qwiki

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Idea: Solo Cup Marketing to College Students

Here is a two page executive summary of an idea that I had a few years ago. The idea is simple: use Solo Cups to as a marketing medium to influence college students. Millions of cups are used on campuses around the country each year and they have several unique factors. They are held in […]

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Idea: Airport Oasis

Here is an Idea that I had a few years ago. It is a concept called Airport Oasis, which would be a place of peace and rest in hectic airports around the world. Let me know what you think in the comments! – Andrew The Mission The mission of Airport Oasis is to provide a […]

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