Student, Entrepreneur, Traveler

...the three words I use to describe myself.....let's dive a bit deeper.

Andrew Bouldin

Student : Although, I have now finished my formal education, I still consider myself a student. Instead of class, I am now studying business first hand through involvement in multiple ventures and avidly reading to learn more.

Entrepreneur : I started at a young age with a lawncare company, then worked for startups throughout college, founded MyCollegeRoadTrip, and now invest in startups as a Principal at FCA Venture Partners as well as doing web design at Suineg Consulting.

Traveler : St. Augustine put it best when he said, "The World is a book and those who don't Travel read only a page." My wife and I are doing our best to live this out, traveling to 35+ countries as well as exploring the South Eastern U.S.

The World’s Largest Addressable Market

The founder of 37 signals is often quoted saying that you should be working on your best idea. This is something that founder of Second Market, Barry Silbert, has taked to heart. The former investment banker is only 34, but he realizes that he will likely never have another idea this good. Second Market provided […]

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Startup Funding Strategies

Check out this great info-graphic by the Grasshopper Group about the different funding strategies for startups. This is really accurate and is something that entrepreneurs need to understand.

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Idea: TED + Comcast On Demand

TED is absolutely amazing. For those of you that don’t know what it is TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The Idea: Comcast should give TED distribution through their OnDemand system as a public service to increase the awareness and provide interesting, educational content to millions of Americans “TED is a small nonprofit devoted to […]

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99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflips

Does that Title sound insane enough? I thought it must be a joke or there must be a catch, but this is for real. I’m not sure how this guy doesn’t get hurt, but it is incredible to watch. Honestly, there is no real reason for this post and it is not really sharing knowledge […]

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How Long can you Travel on $1,000?

My friends always mess with me about the way that I view money. Basically, I have a really simple conversion that I perform in my head. When someone says “oh, that should cost about $500.” I immediately flip it to how long could I live in the Thai Isles for that amount of money. In […]

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Quarterly Week off the Grid

Enjoy this inspiring video from Brad Feld talking about how taking 1 week off the grid (no phones, computers, technology) saved his marriage and helps him keep going strong. My most recent week off the Grid was in beautiful Kauai…so I can relate! Why is he qualified to tell you about all of this…check out […]

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Sustainable Hotel Built in 6 Days

Everyone talks about building sustainable buildings and no country does speed like China. This video shows what can be done when those two forces meet: Ark Hotel Building construction timelapse 远大可持续建筑 2天建成15层楼 from Differentenergy on Vimeo. From Lifehacker: This mesmerizing time-lapse video clip shows the rapid construction of the Ark Hotel in Changsha, China. It’s […]

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OPOWER – Raises $50M for Energy Efficiency

In a recent TechCrunch article OPOWER is recognized for raising $50M to expand their software that monitors energy use and offers method of change to become more efficient. I think the idea behind the company is excellent both because of the good that it offers and its simplicity. One of the coolest things that I’ve […]

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