Student, Entrepreneur, Traveler

...the three words I use to describe myself.....let's dive a bit deeper.

Andrew Bouldin

Student : Although, I have now finished my formal education, I still consider myself a student. Instead of class, I am now studying business first hand through involvement in multiple ventures and avidly reading to learn more.

Entrepreneur : I started at a young age with a lawncare company, then worked for startups throughout college, founded MyCollegeRoadTrip, and now invest in startups as a Principal at FCA Venture Partners as well as doing web design at Suineg Consulting.

Traveler : St. Augustine put it best when he said, "The World is a book and those who don't Travel read only a page." My wife and I are doing our best to live this out, traveling to 35+ countries as well as exploring the South Eastern U.S.

The Green School – Bali

Who would think that one of the best models in for education in the world would be tucked away in a village on the remote island of Bali. Inspired by Al Gore’s movie the Inconvenient Truth the founder of the school set out to make an entirely sustainable school that would produce a well rounded […]

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Hans Rosling on the World’s Population

Hans Rosling – Amazing visual representation of the World’s population and trends! A more detailed video on TED If you want even more Hans Rosling, here is a list of his TED Videos.

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Evernote – One of my Favorite Apps

If you’ve never used Evernote….you should start immediately. Watch the demo video here: How fast has Evernote Grown:

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The Gates Notes – What Bill is learning

Bill Gates has access to just about anyone at any place. As one of the richest people in the world he has dedicated the rest of his life to figuring out how to most effectively use his wealth to have a positive impact. The recently launched “Gates Notes” blog profiles what he is learning: Lear […]

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